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Scottish First Minister set to quit



Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf is to announce his resignation after his authority has fallen apart after he withdrew his government from the Scottish Greens.

The BBC reported that rather than face another to votes of no confidence, Yousaf has decided to quit.

According to the SNP’s former deputy leader John Swinney he will make a statement at midday on Monday.

Swinney was asked if he will become the next SNP leader, “There’s a lot to happen today, and we’ll wait to hear what the first Minister’s got to say.

The Scottish Green Party, co-leader Lorna Slater told Sky News that Yousaf has shown “very poor judgement” by ending the powersharing deal with SNP and Green Party.

Slater said, “I think he showed very poor judgement to suddenly collapse a pro-independence majority government when we’d worked together really well for two and a half years, we’d achieved some great things… and he just threw that away all of a sudden.”

She was asked why Yousaf ended the agreement, she added, “I think he was under pressure from the conservative and reactionary right wing of his party.

“The SNP has always been quite a broad church. But Humza Yousaf had been leading a proudly progressive government and we were proud to be part of that.

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