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Starmer has the backing of the Cabinet on UK’s nuclear deterrent – London Business News |



The Labour leader has said on Monday he has the backing of all his Cabinet over his plans for the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

Sir Keir Starmer has pledged to focus on Britain’s defence and this deterrent is the “foundation of any plan to keep Britain safe.”

Sir Keir announced a “triple lock” for the UK’s nuclear deterrent programme which is the “foundation of any plan” to keep the UK safe.”

The Labour leader has pledged his commitment to deliver four new ballistic submarines for the Royal Navy along with upgrades for the current fleets which need improving.

Sir Keir said on Monday delivering his speech at the Fusilier Museum, “I lead this party.

“I have changed this party. If we are privileged to come in to serve, I will be the prime minister of the United Kingdom and I’ve made my commitment to this absolutely clear and I’ve got my whole cabinet, shadow cabinet, behind me.”

Sir Keir was with 14 of Labour’s former military candidates and said in reference to his uncle’s service on HMS Antelope in the Falklands War, “I know the courage, the service, and the sacrifice that allows us to sleep soundly at night from our forces and their families.

“I know it. I respect it. And I will serve it, with every decision.

“It is part of my story, and the reason why I said, from day one of my leadership, that the Labour Party had to change, change for a purpose, to respect your service, face the future in this dangerous world and above all, keep Britain safe.”

Grant Shapps, the Defence Secretary said, “Starmer’s choice for foreign secretary, David Lammy, has described the UK’s nuclear deterrent as ‘senseless’.

“This rubbishes the claim that Labour have changed.

“It’s clear Starmer lacks the courage and conviction to stand up for Britain’s security.”

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