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Teen killed in London sword attack was son of a teacher who was heard screaming, ‘That’s my son!’



The 14-year-old killed in the terrifying sword rampage in London has been identified as the son of a local teacher — with neighbors recalling the mom’s harrowing screams of “That’s my son!”

Daniel Anjorin was killed early Tuesday in the 22-minute bloodbath that left four others injured, including a hero female cop now facing intensive surgery “basically putting her arm back together,” police said.

The tragic teen was a pupil at Bancroft’s School, the independent school where another pupil, Grace O’Malley-Kumar, was stabbed to death in a knife attack last summer.

A knife-wielding man killed a 14-year-old boy in London early Tuesday morning. @ell_pht via Storyful

He was on the way to that school when he was stabbed and killed — seemingly not hearing shouted warnings about the swordsman because he was wearing headphones, according to the Times of London.

Neighbors recalled hearing harrowing cries from the boy’s mom, a local science teacher, as she screamed, “That’s my son!”

The boy was then dragged “like a dog” down the street by the killer, the unidentified neighbor said.

“[I’m] still in shock,” said the witness, who called Anjorin “not the sort of person who would be in trouble.”

Anjorin’s school flew its flag at half mast Wednesday, telling parents “with great sadness and shock” that another pupil had died from shocking, senseless violence.

“It seems scarcely believable that less than a year on from the terrible death of Grace O’Malley-Kumar in the Nottingham attacks we are facing fresh sorrow,” said the note, seen by the BBC.

Police used a Taser on the suspect and he was arrested at the scene. AP

Police have yet to identify the suspect who was busted 22 minutes after the attack started beyond saying he is a 36-year-old man with no known history of arrests.

The attack is not being treated as terrorism and does not appear to have been targeted, police said.

The first victim, a 33-year-old man, was struck by the suspect’s van as he crashed it into a house, and then stabbed in the neck, police said in an updated timeline Wednesday.

The 22-minute attack left four others injured. Getty Images
The school the 14-year-old victim attended had its flag at half mast Wednesday.

The swordsman then slashed a 35-year-old man’s arm before killing Anjorin, according to cops.

Officers arrived within 12 minutes of the first emergency calls — with two of the responding cops also “attacked by the suspect, causing serious injuries,” police said.

One, a female officer, suffered “horrifically serious” arm injuries and underwent several hours of surgery Tuesday, head of Metropolitan Police Sir Mark Rowley said.

“The surgeon spent many, many hours basically putting her arm back together,” he said, adding that the officer now faces a “long journey of recovery.”

“Based on what the surgeon was saying yesterday we are increasingly optimistic with months and years and lots of physio a full recovery may be made possible.”

The second officer also suffered serious hand injuries. He is recovering in hospital, officials said. All four of the others attacked are expected to survive.

It took 22 minutes for police to finally corner and arrest the suspect.

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