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The 15 best places to visit in the UK in 2024



For all the bucket list places around the world, it can be easy to forget that we actually have some pretty amazing places to explore right here on our doorstep. Sure, the British weather can have a mind of its own and train travel can leave a lot to be desired, but if you’re willing to put up with all of that, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what there is to discover. 

From quaint coastal towns with trailblazing restaurants and bustling cities with an edge of their own, to gorgeous islands that feel nothing like the UK, these are the parts of the country that should hands-down be on your staycation wishlist for next year. These places have thriving food, drink and arts scenes, they’re home to exciting new openings and they have plenty of big events for you to scribble into your calendar, pronto. 

Thinking of planning a holiday a little closer to home next year? By sifting through all of the hottest launches for next year and using our expert knowledge of cultural scenes around the country, Time Out’s UK team has curated the very best British destinations for you to plan a trip to in 2024. And the best part? You can visit most of them easily, cheaply and without having to catch a flight. Time to get booking!

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