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The best ways to check your swing at home, according to Top 100 Teachers



Want to check out your swing but can’t make it to the range? Try these at-home checks from Top 100 Teachers.

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Sometimes it can be tough to get to the range. Whether it be poor weather or a busy schedule, there are times when life doesn’t allow us the opportunity to practice. But that doesn’t mean your game has to suffer. There are plenty of ways to keep your game in shape at home.

Here are three suggestions from a trio of GOLF Top 100 Teachers.

Tony Ruggiero

“Practice getting into your address position while standing on two balance boards. It won’t be easy at first, but balance here is critical. Once you find it, add your backswing. Now, you’re training like a pro.”

Dustin Johnson reads a putt.

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GOLF Editors

Todd Sones

“Take your address without a club and turn sideways to a mirror, hinging at your hips and bending your legs slightly. Look right: If your fingers line up with your kneecaps, you’re solid.”

Jeff Warne

“Again, I like what Todd said: Use a mirror to check your setup. I’d go a step further: Tape a picture to the mirror of what you’re trying to look like — a Tour player of similar build or, even better, a snap of yourself in your best setup.”

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