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The programme for the Summit London 2024 has been revealed



With less than 2 weeks until the Summit London 2024, it’s time to reveal what’s on the agenda so that you can pack it with a personalised itinerary that leaves you on with a whole new outlook and a head buzzing with ideas.

The Summit London 2024 awaits us with a fully agenda spanning two days.

More than 100 leading entrepreneurs, investors, and tech leaders from around Europe and the US are scheduled to speak. Having previously announced a significant portion of our speakers, this year’s lineup includes industry pioneers, venture capitalists, and executives from major tech companies who will discuss emerging trends, investments, and growth strategies.

The summit will feature a diverse array of topics that are at the forefront of technology and innovation. Discussions will span critical areas such as artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, sustainability, logistics, climatetech, and much more.

Certainly not easy acts to follow – and yet. We’ve lined up more than thirty different panels where technology and investment leaders from across the continent will bring forth their hard-won lessons and frontier strategies. It’s time for the hard decisions: how will you make the most of each slot?

Some of the topics we will discuss at the Summit London 2024

In the session “AI and Innovation: Going beyond Big Tech,” we will discuss the diverse applications of AI beyond the scope of Big Tech companies. We will explore its impact on industries like healthcare, finance, agriculture, and education. We’ll emphasize the importance of inclusive collaboration, ethical considerations, and responsible practices to harness the full potential of AI for the benefit of society.

In the session “Technology-Led Healthcare,” we will explore how technology is transforming the healthcare industry. We will explore the integration of innovative technologies like AI, telemedicine, wearables, and data analytics in patient care. We’ll also address the challenges and ethical considerations involved, aiming to inspire advancements for better healthcare outcomes.

Tech and Mental Health will also be on our agenda and we will discuss the impact of AI on mental healthcare. We’ll explore how AI is being used for early detection, personalized therapies, and improved access to mental health services. We’ll also address ethical considerations and aim to inspire innovations for better mental healthcare outcomes.

In addition to what we expect in e-commerce in 2024, we will also discuss topics such as “Building Mental Strength as a Founder“. And in the heart of a climate tech capital, we’ll open up conversations about how the UK can take cleantech to the next level and urgent steps for supporting the technologies that are critical for reaching Net Zero.

At, we clear the hype to make room for the data and ideas that will push the ecosystem to evolve. From massive infrastructural challenges to optimising for founders’ health and wellness, expect to have the conversations that you’ve been waiting for months alongside deep dives into the trends that you hadn’t seen coming.

In short, at the Summit London 2024, we will look into various topics ranging from investment trends to recent focuses of venture capitalists; from Europe’s artificial intelligence ecosystem to SaaS and consumer brands, with the insights shared by our esteemed speakers.

Oh, did we not mention networking? Between the selection of 30 promising startups we’ve whittled down for the Startup Stage, roundtables to foster exchange, VIP reception and afterparty, you’ll be able to bring those presentations and declarations down to a one-to-one setting to trade expert advice on how to capitalise on an explosive moment and prepare for what’s to come.

The countdown is on and we couldn’t be more excited.

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