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The UK’s most expensive Wetherspoons charges eye-watering amount for a pint



A pint of beer can cost as much as £7 in certain Wetherspoons pubs (Picture: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

When we think of Wetherspoons, we think of cheap food and drink, but it seems that not every Spoons is made equal.

The average price of a pint of popular beer such as Corona or Carling varies across the country, with the cheapest at Wetherspoons for these drinks being found in Tyne and Wear.

The High Main pub in Newcastle is the place to go for a £2.34 pint of Carling,accoriding to new research, while a pint of Corona will cost you just £3.45 at The Cooper Rose in Sunderland. Not too shabby.

However, at the other end of the scale, a pint can cost almost as much as £7 at a Wetherspoons pub in London

A pint of Corona is a whopping £6.98 at The Moon Under Water in Westminster. While the UK’s most expensive pint of Carling from a Wetherspoons can be found at The Willow Walk in Victoria, London, priced at £6.30.

The Moon Under Water is the UK’s most expensive Wetherspoons for a pint of Corona. (Picture: Dave Rushen/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

They also analysed the cost of the average pint of popular beer Carling in every UK Wetherspoons in the country to find which counties had the most expensive pubs.

And it’s bad news if you live in Inner London (duh!), Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham, or Highland as these were all the top five most expensive.

It’s unsurprising that London proved to be pricey, with the average pint of Carling setting you back £4.76 in the capital. Many Wetherspoons in London do charge more than this, however. As well as the two pubs already mentioned, The Barrel Vault in Camden and City of London’s Hamilton Hall were found to be pretty pricey, selling Carling for £5.99 a pint, while at The Stargazer in Greenwich it’s £5.65.

These locations were also where you’d find the most expensive pints of Corona, with The Barrel Vault and Hamilton Hall both charging £6.63 for the glass, while The Stargazer’s pint is £6.44.

Wetherspoons most expensive areas for a pint around the UK (Picture:

Outside of London, pints in Edinburgh’s The Booking Office are £5.60 for Corona and £4.75 for Carling. This rises to £6.45 for Corona at The Sir Walter Scott, however this is an airport pub, where prices are typically higher. Meanwhile, Wetherspoons in Leeds Station charges £5.99 for a pint of Carling and £5.08 for Corona. 

Several of the cheapest counties for a pint at Wetherspoons were found to be in Scotland, including Clackmannanshire, East Lothian, and Inverclyde. Other cheap counties included Flintshire and Newport.

If none of this is sounding great to you, then you might want to instead consider heading to Britain’s cheapest pub, where you can still buy a pint for less than £2.

The Ardwick pub in Blackpool charges prices that were last normal in 1997 for some of its pints, making it a favourite destination for holidaymakers and locals in the seaside town according to the research conducted on behalf of Alt Index,

Landlady Lynn Haworth told The Sun: ‘When I took over here in 2010 a pint cost £1.49, and I’m pleased my customers are only paying 31p more 14 years later

‘I manage to keep prices so cheap because of the volume I sell. I didn’t design the pub to be the cheapest in Britain, it just turned out that way.’

Favourites such as Fosters, Strongbow cider or John Smiths cost only £1.80 per pint.

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