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Think your commute is bad? Man catches plane to work



Think your commute is bad? Man catches plane to work

One man’s commute has gained attention on TikTok. Photo / TikTok

For most workers, the daily drive into the office is a necessary part of work

Work commutes are rarely fun but one man has put things into perspective after sharing the insane lengths he takes to get to work.

In a video posted to TikTok, ‘Seb’ who shares videos under the username @sebdubya, reveals he commutes to his job in London all the way from Germany.

Posting under the name ‘@sebdubya’ the German-based Brit has amazed a large following by timing his incredible five-hour commute and sharing it on TikTok.

The journey from Hamburg to his office at Canary Wharf in London involves two trains, a plane and then another two trains. In one video, he is shown leaving his office at 5pm, spending an hour catching two trains to Heathrow where he waits for an hour to catch his flight. After the flight, he rushes to get his third and fourth train.

Seb’s main goal, according to his TikTok account, is to make the commute as quickly as possible. Four hours and 57 minutes is Seb’s current record for getting from home to the office.

Fortunately, Seb doesn’t commute between both countries in one day. Instead, he makes the trip once a month and stays from Monday to Thursday in London before returning home.

“So it is Monday morning. I will be staying in London for three nights and my commute this morning started at 4.34am German time, one hour ahead of the UK,” he said in one video.

“I cycled to the station and then got on a train, jumped on another train and then got to the airport right around 5.33am.

Understandably, many viewers were perplexed and asked why he didn’t move closer to work.

“This isn’t a commute anymore it’s a pilgrimage” one person joked.

“Sir pls save yourself this hassle and just move into London omg!?” another wrote. One asked whether Seb’s work funded his travel while several others made light of the fact that they were late to work when their commutes were only 20 minutes.

Despite the assumption it may be a cost-saving exercise, Seb revealed the real, heartwarming reason; his partner lives in Hamburg.

Dozens of viewers posted questions on Seb’s videos, asking what he does for work. While Seb does respond to certain comments, he’s yet to disclose the company he works for or his job title, however, it appears to be something in the corporate space.

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