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Three London hospital staffers under investigation over alleged Kate Middleton medical records breach: report



Three staffers at the London hospital where Kate Middleton received abdominal surgery are being probed for allegedly trying to access her medical records, a report said.

Three employees at the London Clinic are facing disciplinary action after they were suspected of accessing medical records for the Princess of Wales in an authorized manner and possibly sharing the royal’s private information with others, according to ITV.

“There is no place at our hospital for those who intentionally breach the trust of any of our patients or colleagues,” Al Russell, chief executive of the London Clinic, said in a statement.

The hospital reportedly contacted Kensington Palace right after officials became aware of the possible breach.

“We take enormous pride in the outstanding care and discretion we aim to deliver for all our patients that put their trust in us every day.

“We have systems in place to monitor management of patient information and, in the case of any breach, all appropriate investigatory, regulatory and disciplinary steps will be taken.”

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The London Clinic also treated King Charles in January. It was unclear if his medical records had been breached as well.

This is a developing story. Please continue to check back for updates.

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