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Times Now Summit 2024: AR Rahman Promises ‘Broadway In Chennai… Writing For Director In London’



img credits – Times Now and Instagram

AR Rahman is undoubtedly one of the greatest music composers in the world. At the ongoing Times Now Summit 2024, AR Rahman was invited as one of the esteemed guests to talk about his journey in music and his contribution in the upcoming film Maidaan. During the conversation, the maestro was asked if his humble and giving nature makes him a misfit in the entertainment industry, to which he noted that he ‘doesn’t see himself existing only in the movie world.’ Rahman also revealed that he is planning to start a Broadway in Chennai and that his team has already started working towards achieving that goal.

AR Rahman on Broadway in Chennai

Talking to the Times Now Editor-in-Chief, Navika Kumar, AR Rahman said, “I don’t see myself only in the movie world strangely. Becuase when you travel, you realize how small you are. And in perspective to the composers and artists abroad, you are small and big at the same time. Big in some things and small in some things. And then you see and find out what is the void and how do you push yourself to fill that gap or evolve in certain things and probably give back in certain things. My dream is actually to start an arts collective in Chennai, to build a place where we can do stuff like Broadway. So, along with a couple of friends we’re planning to do that. And that’s a huge undertaking, because its terrifying to think about finance, company, and what if something goes wrong.”

He added, “Yes, Broad in Chennai. I’m currently writing a musicial for a director in London, but can’t reveal much info on it as it is set for 6 months later.”

About AR Rahman at Times Now Summit 2024

In addition to revealing his plans for a Broadway in Chennai, AR Rahman also launched the song Team India Hain Hum from the upcoming Ajay Devgn starter Maidaan.

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