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Trump’s London fundraiser nets $3m – thanks to Neighbours star Holly Valance



Trump’s London fundraiser nets m – thanks to Neighbours star Holly Valance

A former Neighbours star raised millions of dollars for Donald Trump’s re-election bid at her London home, in what organisers claim is the biggest Republican fundraiser outside the US.

Holly Valance, an Australian actress who recently gave a “substantial” donation to Nigel Farage’s Reform party, hosted the lavish event on Wednesday evening. It is thought to have raised up to $3 million.

Donald Trump Jnr spoke at the fundraiser and said afterwards that there had been “tons of enthusiasm” for his father’s campaign.

Among the 100 or so guests were Mr Farage and individuals who have been tipped for a role in a future Trump cabinet, should the Republican beat Joe Biden in November’s election.

Greg Swenson, from Republicans Overseas UK, said that donors had been galvanised by Mr Trump’s conviction in his New York “hush money” case last month.

“I think this function was much more successful post-verdict than it would have been pre-verdict,” he told The Telegraph.

“The people that would write a $100 cheque are going to write $1,000, and the people writing a $10,000 cheque are going to write $25,000.

“It’s amazing how much bigger the tickets became after the verdict. So our timing was fortunate.”

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