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Two of the best restaurants in the world are in London, apparently



It’s no secret that the London restaurant scene is one of the best on the planet. Our melting pot of a city means we have all the cuisines to choose from, and some of the top chefs to go with it. So it’s not much of a surprise that the World’s 50 Best Restaurants have been revealed, and two of them are in the Big Smoke

A whopping 1,080 international restaurant industry experts, such as food writers, critics, chefs and restaurateurs, vote in these annual awards, to come up with a comprehensive ranking of the 50 best restos in the world. Last month, the restaurants ranking from 50-100 were announced, with five of them being from London (shout out to Brat, Mountain and The Clove Club). 

Now the top 50 are here. 

Coming in at number 42 in the world was Ikoyi. The ranking lauded the Strand fusion resto for its ‘bold and innovative dishes defying categorisation and utilising diverse produce from across Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom’.

In 17th place was fancy Mexican restaurant Kol. The joint headed up by chef Santiago Lastra was celebrated for creating authentic Mexican food using British ingredients. Don’t miss out on the signature langoustine taco, a mainstay on the Kol menu. 

Ikoyi and Kol vied for the top spot against Disfrutar in Barcelona, Atxondo’s Asador Etxebarri and Table in Paris, which came in first, second and third, respectively. 

Penny for your thoughts? Here’s Time Out’s ranking of the 50 best restaurants in London

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