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Undead Unluck Episode #10 Release Date & Time




  • Undead Unluck episode #9 concludes the first major story arc in a dramatic fashion, leaving many open story beats for future exploration.
  • Undead Unluck episode #10 will be released on December 8 on Hulu at specific times in different time zones.
  • Episode #9 of Undead Unluck marks significant progress in Fuko and Andy’s relationship, establishing a genuine bond between them for the first time in a positive manner.



With Undead Unluck episode #9 having aired, the first major story arc of the anime has come to a close in dramatic fashion. A lot of story beats were closed off, but even more were left open for later exploration, and it leaves a lot to be excited for with episode #10’s release.

What Time Undead Unluck Episode 10 Releases

As with previous episodes, Undead Unluck is released exclusively on Hulu, which can be accessed through the website or directly from the app. Assuming that there are no delays, Undead Unluck episode #8 should premiere on Friday, December 8, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (PST) and 2:00 PM Eastern (EST) in the United States and at 7:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the United Kingdom.

What Happened In Undead Unluck Episode 9?

Victor vs. the Union

Undead Unluck episode #9, “Return”, continued the fight between Victor and the Union, but despite their best efforts, no one could make any headway against Victor and the clones created with his enhanced Undead ability. In a moment of desperation, Fuko latched onto Victor and made Andy reawaken just long enough for Andy to kiss her, thus triggering a meteor shower with Unluck that finally put Victor down. With Victor no longer having the strength to fight, Fuko shoved Andy’s card back into his skull, but a sudden surge of water knocked her unconscious before she could see if it worked.

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Fuko woke up days later with Andy at her bedside, and she was quick to chastise him for going with a plan that could have left her all alone again without even consulting her about it. Andy apologized, and not only did Andy reassure Fuko that hearing her voice was the only reason he was able to come back, but when Andy thanked Fuko, for the first time in Undead Unluck, he called Fuko by her name. After that, Fuko and Andy went to join the rest of the Union at the Roundtable so Apocalypse could go over the rewards and punishments for the latest batch of quests.

Undead Unluck Finally Makes Progress With Fuko & Andy’s Relationship

Fuko and Andy in episode 9

Undead Unluck episode #9 did a lot to develop the story and overarching lore, but its biggest accomplishment was finally making genuine progress with Fuko and Andy’s relationship. The romance between them had always been played for laughs in previous episodes, but episode #9 is the first time that a genuine bond is truly established between both parties, with Andy’s actions especially notable for having none of the harassment he was guilty of before. It’s the first time their relationship is depicted in a wholly positive manner, and it will be great to see how Undead Unluck episode #10 and onward follow up on it.

Be sure to watch Undead Unluck episode #10 when it airs on December 8.

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