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Virat Kohli To Shift Base To UK With Wife Anushka Sharma & Kids: Reports



Virat & Anushka are reportedly willing to move to the UK (

In a recent Reddit rumour, Virat Kohli is speculated to have plans to relocate with his wife and kids to the United Kingdom after Anushka gave birth to their second child, Akaay, in February in London.

Virat Kohli’s mysterious absence from the India-England five-game Test series kept fans on the edge. While BCCI cited personal reasons behind Kohli’s abrupt leave, the actual cause was only revealed late in February.

On February 21st, Kohli and Anushka announced the birth of their second child, Akaay. Notably, the couple was previously blessed with a daughter named Vamika.

Anushka chose to give birth in London, United Kingdom, where Kohli accompanied her for the final trimester. While Virat has returned to India for the impending IPL season, Anushka continues to raise her kids in London.

Meanwhile, a recent Reddit rumour suggests that they could contemplate a move to the United Kingdom, and the couple welcoming their son in London adds to the speculation.

Notably, Anushka was last seen in India back in December 2023 and is believed to be spending an extended time in the European country. Some reports also claim that the popular couple owns a luxury property in the city.

Having said that, it’s important to note that speculations are unverified. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have been residing in Mumbai since getting married back in 2017, and their respective professions largely require them to be in the country.

Importantly, the power couple has yet to react to these speculations. While Virat Kohli is busy in the IPL grind with RCB, Anushka Sharma stayed back in the UK to nurse her newborn son.

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