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What to expect after the astrological chaos of April



It’s not all Mercury’s fault, either. As well as entering retrograde on the first of the month (scary, foreboding, eerily punctual), there has also been a total solar eclipse, which promised to bring forth huge personal breakthroughs and intense healing (read: crying on the bus). Then, on 19 April, Mercury and Venus were in conjunction with Aries, giving our words new heat and prompting opportunities for projectile word vomit and immediate regret. It’s like we’ve all been drunk for a month, crying on the side of pavements and setting things into motion that we’ll wake up to remember in horror. I’m not saying I plan to be physically sober for any of May — viva la Aperol Spritz! — but an astrological detox is much-needed as we’ve just reached the end of retrograde.

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