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Winners of the First Shoplazza Awards Announced, Paying Tribute to New Forces Pioneering Global Market





March 1, 2023

/PRNewswire/ — Shoplazza, a global eCommerce SaaS platform company, announced the first Shoplazza Awards to recognize and praise merchants and partners who have outstanding performance in global eCommerce. The Shoplazza Awards winners include 3D printer giant Creality, electric skateboard brand Exway, car radiator brand AlloyWorks, and outstanding global companies such as Payoneer, Airwallex, Sinotrans Express, 17TRACK, QuickCEP, and ShareASale.

Shoplazza Empowers Brands to Go Global and Open Up New Business Opportunities Abroad

The trend of globalization has strengthened in recent years with the profound transformations in global business and technology. – The increasing brand awareness has brought the Chinese brand going overseas to a new level. Since 2017, Shoplazza, a global shopping cart SaaS leader, has provided all-in-one eCommerce solutions for over 360,000 merchants around the world with brand strategy, convenience in product & order management, multichannel marketing campaign, smooth and safe checkout process, and more. Meanwhile, Shoplazza has witnessed the success of many global industry innovators, pioneers, and leaders from the beginning, and supported their journey to global expansion.

There are two categories in the Shoplazza Awards: “Merchant of the Year” and “Partner of the Year”. The “Merchant of the Year” recognizes the global brands that have achieved outstanding performance in product innovation, business growth, brand positioning, customer experience, and other factors as the core criteria to identify excellent global brands. Creality, Exway, and AlloyWorks won the title “Merchant of the Year” for their innovative products and cutting-edge insights into globalizing their brands. These three companies also represent the successful cases of different business models – agency + DTC model, Amazon + independent online store, and business transformation from factory OEM to agency + DTC model respectively.

Creality, the 3D printer giant that accumulated more than 3.5 million units sold, has decided to go product-driven + reseller model for globalizing its brand. In

April 2022

, Creality launched its official website and online store with Shoplazza. In just seven months since its launch, the total number of global traffic exceeded 3 million, and the sales exceeded

RMB 80 million

. Creality has built the branded official website and online store through Shoplazza’s platform with app integration to acquire more customers, open up new pathways to display its brand and products, provide a seamless purchase experience, and build their private traffic pool.

AlloyWorks, an automotive radiator manufacturer and seller, has achieved being ranked first on Amazon and eBay before launching its own online store. In order to build its brand and expand the impact, AlloyWorks partnered with Shoplazza to embrace the global opportunity of eCommerce through its branded online store. Within three months of migrating from online marketplaces to its branded online store, the business growth exceeded 100%. While using the branded online store to break through the limitations of the marketplaces, Alloyworks has also shaped the brand identity through social media and affiliate marketing, which has increased the brand’s reputation, customer loyalty, and repurchase rate.

Exway, an electric skateboard brand at factory OEM model faced the pain point of being unable to reach consumers directly and establish brand awareness. After cooperating with Shoplazza, Exway used its online store to accumulate authentic customer feedback and data, and continuously polish the product. At the same time, with the impact of online presence, Exway has rapidly developed the reseller network in

the United States



, the

United Kingdom

and other countries. In 2019, Exway and Shoplazza’s partnership was officially recognized by Meta (Facebook) as one of the successful cases of small and medium-sized enterprises going overseas.

“Through the Shoplazza Awards, we hope to demonstrate the power of the innovative combination of brands going global and eCommerce SaaS platform. Online stores, with the advantages of comprehensively displaying products ,brand concepts and quickly obtaining consumer feedback, are giving the opportunity to stand out for emerging brands and small and medium-sized companies.”

Jeff Li

, the founder and CEO of Shoplazza, said, “For those well-prepared Chinese brands who wish to adopt and launch globalization at a faster pace, the key is to explore various opportunities hand in hand with the entire industry . The eCommerce industry can grow healthily only if more and more brands have the opportunity to show their capabilities globally.”

Shoplazza’s empowering brands to go global with its partner ecosystem

While brand building is important to acquire customer loyalty, payment, logistics, marketing, and other factors are also essential steps for global brands to accelerate their business growth. Shoplazza is constantly creating and expanding the open and win-win eCommerce ecosystem with excellent partners from various fields. As of 2022, Shoplazza has more than 500 global partners to empower the global brands.

This year’s Shoplazza Awards set up the “Partner of the Year” category. The winners are determined from the criteria such as value to Shoplazza merchants, brand impact, and business performance after integrating with Shoplazza. A total of 6 outperforming partners won the title of “Partner of the Year”.

The six winners of “Partner of the Year” include Payoneer, which provides an international credit card payment channel with secure transactions and more competitive fees. Airwallex won the title for offering an efficient and low-cost payment solution for cross-border merchants with its global payments and financial platform. The third winner, 17TRACK, was awarded for facilitating global merchants to provide customers with convenient, timely, and comprehensive shipment tracking services and aftersales experience. Sinotrans Express has demonstrated excellent logistics services for global merchants with its flexible, convenient, and lightweight solutions while integrating local and international warehouse and distribution services. In the field of marketing, Shoplazza’s global merchants took advantage of QuickCEP’s multichannel customer data management service to manage customer data and generate multiple conversions to achieve traffic operation from end to end sales. Meanwhile, ShareASale provides standout affiliate solutions and diverse partnership opportunities that drive results for businesses of all sizes. The network’s 241,000+ partners – including traditional affiliates, global mass media houses, trusted micro-influencers and innovative fintech businesses – enable merchants of all sizes to generate more sales, expand customer reach and strengthen their brand.

“In the entire eCommerce ecosystem, the SaaS platform is the ‘foundation’ for digital operations and innovative global solutions. As an ‘organizer’, Shoplazza is adhering to our mission ‘Open to More’ and striving to integrate more diverse solutions to empower our merchants , and ultimately achieving win-win together with our partners.” Jeff said.

In the age of globalization, there are great opportunities for brands to go global with product innovation, brand value, and fitting customers’ needs. Furthermore, brands can also utilize omnichannel marketing and sales to reach more customers and convey brand concepts. Thus, brands that are adopting globalization can use eCommerce platforms to win customers’ recognition and trust, and Shoplazza has proven the importance of the eCommerce ecosystem through successful cases with global brands.

Shoplazza will continue to support Chinese global brands to seize the opportunity to penetrate the international market, reach more diverse groups of audiences, and work hand-in-hand with more partners to empower merchants further to accelerate product innovation and operation. Through technology innovation and data management, Shoplazza will enhance more brands to win the hearts of global customers.

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