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Your 2023 Money Horoscope Is Here & Things Are Looking Brighter



If 2022 was rough on your finances, we have good news: In 2023, the stars say you can expect an easier flow when it comes to money. As we enter the year, the volatility the markets experienced in 2022 should begin to wane, fully dissolving by late February as the Lunar North Node of Destiny moves away from erratic Uranus, which is currently in Taurus, the zodiac sign that rules money. From March on, the financial world will show more predictable outcomes.  
This year, the best financial aspects occur in the first part of 2023, delivered by Jupiter, the massive Planet of Luck. Jupiter will make three very fortunate connections that bring the promise of abundance, touching every single zodiac sign in a positive manner. On 15th May, Jupiter enters money-minded Taurus, where it will stay for the rest of the year. When Jupiter is in Taurus, the gifts of the Earth element are easier to access, making us a magnet for wealth in all its forms. This is a winning combination for those who know what they want and apply the Taurus mantra of “slow and steady wins the race” to their goals.  
During its tour in the sign of the Bull, Jupiter will form an opportune sextile with Saturn, the Planet of Mastery. Since both Jupiter and Saturn are considered to be “social planets,” their connections greatly affect the collective at a deep level. Being active from 12th May to 18th July and then again throughout all of December, their sextile will result in promising business deals and investment opportunities with long-term rewards. 
The third fortunate connection Jupiter in Taurus forms is with the Lunar North Node of Destiny, occurring between 11th May and 21st June (strongest around 1st July). This is a rare occurrence that is bound to translate into new jobs, new investments, and an overflow of abundance. However, because Jupiter’s endless optimism sometimes tends to magnify things out of proportion, we must stay focused on only a few strategic targets at this time. 
If we fail to edit down our financial goals, a big hangover arrives quite fast as Venus, the ruling Planet of Money, goes retrograde from 22nd July to 3rd September, in the sign of Leo. During this time, the incoming financial traffic is set to be debilitated, forcing us to downsize in the event we’ve been spending too much or putting our investments in too many baskets. One day after Venus goes direct, Jupiter goes retrograde from 4th September to 30th December, bringing slower financial growth for the fall and part of the winter. 
Lastly, it’s best to avoid making any major money moves during the time periods Mercury, the Planet of Commerce, is retrograde: 1 January-18 January, 21 April-14 May, 23 August-15 September, and 13 December-31 December. 
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