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A theatre in London halts the screening of Vijay ‘Ghilli’ as fans go frenzy | Tamil Movie News – Times of India



The re-release of Vijay‘s ‘Ghilli‘ after 20 years have become the talk of the town. Not only in Tamil Nadu, ‘Ghilli’ has been winning the hearts of audiences across the globe. Theatres have turned into a festival arena as fans have been celebrating the 2004 Tamil release like a new release. The screening of the film in London halted midway as the audience became unruly while enjoying the Vijay-starrer on the big screen.Almost the entire theater erupted into spontaneous dancing during the iconic ‘Appadi Podu‘ song, prompting the theater management to intervene. With assistance from police officers, the show was temporarily stopped to restore order among the enthusiastic fans. After a brief intermission, the screening resumed as scheduled.

The massive response to the ‘Ghilli’ re-release in London proves the craze for Vijay in the UK.
‘Ghilli’ has been doing massive numbers at the box office and the film earned almost Rs 20 crore in six days of its re-release. Vijay starrer has been performing better than new Tamil releases, as movie buffs turned nostalgic about revisiting the masala entertainer. ‘Ghilli’, the first 50-crore grosser of Kollywood is heading strongly and the film has retained most of the screens for the second weekend.

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