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Brews News: Craft beers aimed at carb-conscious quaffers



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Trying to lose weight and drinking craft beer are strange bedfellows.

Beer with its high-calorie content from alcohol and grains can get your belly big, but some options don’t involve switching to seltzer if you’re trying to shed kilograms.

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Beers from large brewers such as Sleeman Clear 2.0 and Molson Ultra are popular with people on low-carb diets. While the pickings have been slim at craft breweries, Something in the Water of Toronto and Kingston aims to change that.

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Something in the Water launched two new low-carb beers that are more flavourful than you’d expect.

Lake Ontario Keto IPA and Lake Superior Keto Lager are aimed at carb-conscious consumers.

Lake Ontario Keto IPA is a rework of a brut-style IPA. Something in the Water used a pilsner malt and late-hopped with Mosaic and Motueka hops. The result is a citrus flavour. Sold in 355 ml cans, it has four grams of carbs and 105 calories.

Lake Superior Keto Lager is an unfiltered German-style lager with the same amount of carbs and calories as its IPA cousin. Refreshing? Check. Flavourful? Check. Its malt bill is a combination of pilsner and Vienna. The hops are Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc.

Lake Superior and Lake Ontario are five per cent alcohol. A six-pack of the lager is $19.02 and the IPA is $20.52. They can be delivered throughout Ontario through Something in the Water’s online store.

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Low-carb beers at the LCBO include Ace Hill Ultra Light (zero carbs, 80 calories, four per cent alcohol) and Ontario Brewing Awards gold award-winning Low Tide from Lake of Bays. Low Tide IPA, brewed with Idaho 7, Belma and Sabro hops, has one gram of carbs in a 473 ml can, 90 calories and is 2.5 per cent alcohol. It’s part of a light beer six-pack at the LCBO for $19.95.

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Witty Traveller, one of the early beers at Railway City in St. Thomas, is back for its seasonal run. Witty Traveller. It’s a Belgian wit beer with flavours of anise seed, clove and bananas. As the brewery says, fruit from the south, spices from the east, yeast from the north. This is a favourite beer and priced well by today’s standards at $3.45 per 473 ml can.

Rusty Wrench, the excellent brewpub in downtown Strathroy, has a new IPA. Lug Nut Legend West Coast IPA is a hefty 7.2 per cent alcohol.

You know Side Launch as a popular Collingwood brewery, but what if it had a retail store in London, where some of its beers are brewed? Wish granted as a Side Launch retail store will open at Equals Brewing on Sovereign Road in east London.

Planning a corporate event or golf tournament this summer? A private label beer such as Shake lager from Equals takes about eight weeks from order to case.

Exmouth Stout
Exmouth Stout is a nod to Ireland and to a local street from Imperial City of Sarnia. (IMPERIAL CITY photo)

Imperial City in Sarnia has a new stout for spring named in honour of a local thoroughfare. Exmouth Stout, inspired by Ireland, will please fans of bittersweet beer. Stout is on trend and Imperial City is a good spot to find great ones.

Great Lakes Brewing
Great Lakes Brewing is raising money for the Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism with an attractively priced lager. (GREAT LAKES BREWING photo)

Shining Through is a new, attractively priced, lager from Great Lakes Brewing of Toronto that doubles as a fundraiser for the Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism. The charity receives $1 for each can sold. The five per cent alcohol lager is $3 for a 473 ml can or $63 for a case of 24.

Wayne Newton is a freelance journalist based in London.

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