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Hundreds of screaming children storm shopping centre and clash with security



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Hundreds of screaming children stormed a shopping centre before clashing with security.

Footage shows a security guard ‘body slamming’ a child to the floor at the Milton Keynes shopping centre.

Around 300 children charged through the building, with Thames Valley Police issuing a dispersal order following the ‘antisocial chaos’ ahead of the bank holiday.

Witness Janey Chandler called 999 after she heard screaming and saw young people running as she visited a Boots store.

In one clip, a police officer can be seen grappling with a schoolboy before his colleagues and security guards force the crowd back.

As the video pans around the large group, with most of the children in school uniform, the officer disappears into the melee.

Speaking to Metro, Janey said: ‘I was in Boots when I heard a tonne of screaming and people running outside.

‘I had no idea what it was and everyone around me looked scared. I left the shop as I wanted to head to my car to leave as I thought it might be a shooter or some kind of attack.

‘When I went outside I saw loads of schoolchildren and it appeared to be a fight between a few boys with loads of people around filming and watching.

Around 300 children charged through the building (Picture: Milton Keynes Community Hub)

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‘A saw a few boys get separated and dragged away by security. But all the kids just ran more and started screaming and fighting elsewhere. It was absolute carnage.’

Janey, 36, from Milton Keynes, was among bystanders who called the police as she became aware of the trouble at around 4.35pm.

She said: ‘It was really scary as there were maybe 200 kids just running with no regard for anyone around them.

‘They were swearing at the security who were doing an amazing job with so many kids but had no hope in hell of getting it under control with so many of them.

‘I called 999 as there was lots of screaming and I wasn’t sure if there was a knife and the security needed help. About five minutes later the police arrived and I went back into Boots, who locked us all in.

As the video pans around the large group, with most of the children in school uniform, the officer disappears into the melee (Picture: Milton Keynes Community Hub)
Some of the children can be seen in school uniform

‘I could see all the shops around also locking their doors while police dispersed and tried to control the large crowd of kids.’

Even after officers arrived on the scene, the trouble continued, Janey said.

She filmed a clip of children running while hiding their faces under masks and coats after the police arrived.

A man can be heard saying to them: ‘Not so big and hard now are you.’

Her niece was working in a shop in the mall where the police asked staff to shelter a mum and young child from the large disturbance.

‘After we left I went back to my car and saw lots of youngsters in smaller groups but no more fighting so I presume police had it all under control by then,’ Janey said.

‘All the youngsters I saw were rude, swearing and aggressive to anyone who wasn’t a teen involved in the chaos. But when the police arrived they all ran off scared.’

The video showing the police officer grappling with the schoolboy received shocked and outraged responses after being posted on the Milton Keynes Community Hub Facebook group.

Thames Valley Police said: ‘A dispersal order is in place in central Milton Keynes following an incident of antisocial behaviour involving around 300 children. 

‘The order is in place until midnight.’

The force added: ‘Our officers continue to be out and about following the disorder earlier today. 

‘They will continue to be in the area this evening and we will be conducting high visibility patrols.’

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