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Our Focus Was On Creating Iconic Pieces: Designer Tanieya Khanuja On Her London Fashion Week Debut



Designer Tanieya Khanuja (in the centre)

At the 2024 Medusa exhibition in Hyde Park as part of the four-day London Fashion Week, nine Indian designers, under the tutelage of Medusa CEO Sonal Vig, showcased their creations on the runway and the exhibition. Designer Tanieya Khanuja who closed the show, embraced a more contemporary vision, seamlessly blending Indian aesthetics with global trends. Khanuja incorporated sustainable practices and zero-waste design principles into her collection, which featured flowy silhouettes, bodycon dresses and even pantsuits, representing her brand of luxury prêt-à-couture.

On the sidelines of the London Fashion Week, we spoke to the designer. Excerpts from the conversation.

Khanuja made her London Debut in collaboration with Medusa
Khanuja made her London Debut in collaboration with Medusa

How did you prepare for London Fashion Week? What were you most excited about experiencing?

For London Fashion Week, our focus remained on showcasing the essence of our brand – conscious luxury that celebrates the modern woman. We were excited to bring our sensibilities to an international audience, offering a fresh perspective on couture. The energy and creativity of the event is always exhilarating, and we were looking forward to connecting with fellow designers, industry insiders, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world.

Additionally, our focus was on creating iconic pieces that resonate with women worldwide, empowering them with a sense of inner power and confidence. We aim to design garments that are not only visually stunning but also relatable to women’s experiences, capturing the essence of their journeys and aspirations. Through our collections, we strive to inspire women to embrace their individuality and celebrate their strength, both inside and out.

The designer wanted to create iconic pieces that resonate with women worldwide
The designer wanted to create iconic pieces that resonate with women worldwide

What are your thoughts on the current state of Indian fashion on the global stage?

The current state of Indian fashion on the global stage is incredibly vibrant and promising. There’s a growing recognition and appreciation for the rich diversity of Indian textiles, craftsmanship, and design aesthetics. Indian designers are making waves internationally, not only through traditional Indian attire like sarees and lehengas but also by infusing contemporary elements into their creations. This fusion of tradition and modernity resonates with global audiences, contributing to India’s rising influence in the fashion world.

How do you balance your design aesthetics with fleeting fashion trends?

Balancing our design aesthetics with fleeting fashion trends is a delicate dance. While we acknowledge the importance of staying relevant and incorporating elements of current trends, our primary focus is on creating timeless pieces that transcend seasonal fluctuations. We achieve this by investing in high-quality craftsmanship, and prioritising sustainability in our materials and production processes. By doing so, we ensure that our designs retain their relevance and appeal for years to come, allowing our customers to cherish and restyle their garments beyond transient trends.

Tanieya had studied at the London College of Fashion in her early days
Tanieya had studied at the London College of Fashion in her early days

Where is the bridal couture space headed in India? What are the biggest trends that you’ve seen?

The bridal couture space in India is evolving towards a more personalised and diverse landscape. While traditional motifs and craftsmanship continue to hold significance, there’s a growing demand for contemporary interpretations of bridal attire. Designers are experimenting with unconventional colours, innovative silhouettes, and non-traditional fabrics to cater to the modern bride’s eclectic tastes. Additionally, there’s a noticeable shift towards sustainability and conscious consumption in bridal fashion, with brides increasingly opting for heirloom pieces and eco-friendly practices. Overall, the biggest trends we’ve observed include intricate embellishments, statement sleeves, revival of vintage techniques, and an emphasis on versatility, allowing brides to repurpose their bridal ensembles for other occasions.

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