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Putin regime owns lavish London properties worth millions of pounds: Report



A recent investigation by The Telegraph has uncovered a network of luxury properties scattered across London, all owned by the regime of Vladimir Putin. The combined value comes in an estimated tens of millions of pounds.

These opulent residences are reportedly nestled in some of the capital’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. They have now come under renewed scrutiny amid the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier this month, the British Government revoked the diplomatic status of a few Russian properties suspected of being used for espionage activities.

Among the properties from which the diplomatic premises status was removed in the UK were “Seacox Heath – a Russia-owned property in Sussex – and the Trade and Defence Section in Highgate, which are believed to have been used for intelligence purposes,” as per a UK government release earlier this month. 

This reportedly means now there is a chance for law enforcement agencies to enter and investigate these buildings. The government earlier also expelled the Russian defence attache. The country also imposed new “restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including capping the length of time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK.”

Additional ten properties in London

The Telegraph’s investigation has identified an additional ten properties in London owned by the Russian Federation, the outlet said citing HM Land Registry records.

Notably, some of these properties have words of cautions in their records, indicating that they cannot be sold without the consent of Ukraine. Despite their upscale locales, many of these properties appeared neglected upon inspection by the outlet, with some remaining vacant for years.

In Highgate, a property valued at £2.4 million showed signs of neglect, with overgrown weeds and padlocked gates. Nearby, another Russia-linked property, valued at £2.3 million, suffered similar neglect, with reports of no activity for decades and rumors of surveillance equipment found in neighbouring homes.

Similarly, in Holland Park, amid the residences of celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Elton John, a property valued at £1.65 million stood as another one of Russia’s extensive property holdings in London.

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Heena Sharma

Heena Sharma is a digital journalist who writes mostly on current geopolitical developments. @HeenaSharma0819

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