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Viral Video: Indian Woman’s Lungi Adventure In London Wins Hearts- Republic World



Indian Woman’s Lungi Adventure In London Wins Hearts | Image:Instagram:

London: A viral video of a woman roaming around the streets of London in lungi is making rounds on the internet. The woman in the video embraces the Indian roots by wearing lungi and going places. The video was posted by an Instagram user @valerydaania. And in the start of the video the woman wrapped blue lungi around her waist over a t-shirt. And this unusual look on the streets of London caught all the eyes of the locals. Valery has been living in London for a long time now. 

The viral video shows Valery strolling on the streets of London and then entering the grocery store. From the streets to the grocery store the numbers of people looking at her with amusement kept increasing, and people passed a nice smile to her unusual dress on the British roads. 

Check out the video:

“Wearing lungi in London,” Valery captioned the video on Instagram.

User’s reaction to the video:

One of the users said, “I am gonna do this in Birmingham!”.

Another one said, “Akka fulfilled my wish (one of the bucket list)”.

“Most of the people are just giving a cursory glance, it looks no different than a skirt. Now, if I was to wear one of mine out in London, then people will properly stare,” said a user.

“That’s how she conquered UK,” commented a person.

A fourth person said, “Akka you deserve a huge salute i love it smile at last”

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