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Hainault attack latest: Police suffered ‘really horrific injuries’ in sword attack – BBC News



The mother of a 16-year-old boy who was killed in a previous sword attack has called on the government to ban the weapons after yesterday’s attack in Hainault.

Pooja Kanda’s son Ronan was stabbed to death by a 22-inch sword in Wolverhampton in 2022.

Last night she told BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight programme she was “angry and upset” by Tuesday’s attack.

A new law, clamping down on machetes and so-called “zombie” knives, comes into force in England and Wales in September – but Kanda said a “massive loophole in the legislation” would still allow people to carry some swords.

Kanda, who has launched a campaign to outlaw the sale of all bladed weapons online, said: “I felt angry and upset, absolutely gutted. This is what I’m shouting, just listen to me.

“Because the availability of these is just too heart breaking. The loopholes will bring more of these murders.”

She added: “It absolutely took me back to what happened to Ronan.

“It breaks my heart so much to see that after nearly a year of me telling everyone ‘please, please ban it’, nobody’s listening to me, and today another sword was out and killed another 14-year-old child.”

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