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London’s new sports complex will bring more than just wins to the Pirates



  • London ISD unveiled their new sports complex
  • Project was made possible with the passage of a $15.1 million bond proposition
  • Football and soccer field has been in use. Baseball and softball fields are ready to host games.

The London Pirates were able to showcase their football field, also used for soccer, back in the fall during KRIS 6 News’s Game Night South Texas. On Thursday, superintendent Dr. Judy Whitis and others unveiled the full athletic complex. She announced the baseball and softball fields are ready to host games.

“A historical event for our community,” she said. “It’s taken the whole community to get us to this point and it’s all about the kids and for the kids.”

Back in 2022, London voters passed three bond propositions totaling $96 million. One of those included $15.1 million for the sports complex upgrade.

The complex entrance is the entrance for all fields. In addition to the three turf fields (football, baseball, softball), the district has for the first time an eight-lane track. Along with that is a concession stand, restrooms, team changing area, ticket booth and plenty of parking.

“Not only is it beautiful, but it makes us want to come out here even more. It’s another thing that motivates us to get out here every day and put our work in,” said Eva Gallegos, a junior on the London softball team.

London athletes have had to be flexible playing many competitions on the road. Now they can play host and that includes track and field events.

“We were nomads, moving around everywhere. So, seeing these fields, the track, the football, it’s a pretty awesome sight, Robbie Moreno said, head football coach and athletic director for London.

To the athletes it’s not just being able to play on their home field. They said it’s the memories and hard work that sticks with them long after graduation.

“Once you tell people some things that we didn’t have, it starts to resonate with them. And so, it’s just bringing everyone together and realizing why we do what we do,” Whitis said.

“It’s important because it shows all of our hard work and from where it started and to where we are now. I think this field is such a beautiful representation of that growth,” Gallegos said.

The complex is still only about 85-90 percent complete.

Whitis had to remind the student athletes, particularly the baseball team, that it’s still an active construction site.

“Gentlemen, there is still wet cement. Don’t put any initials in the wet cement, OK?” Whitis laughed.

Press boxes and bleachers still need to be added around the fields. Whitis said all that should be taken care of in the next few weeks.

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