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London startup Koalaa raises £1m for ‘soft’ prosthetic limbs



London-based health tech startup Koalaa, which develops prosthetic limbs, has raised $1.2m (£956,000).

Founded in 2020, Koalaa claims to have made the world’s first “soft prosthetic arm”, made a breathable fabric that can be comfortably fitted onto a patient.

According to company founder Nate Macabuag, the biggest issues for the widespread adoption of artificial limbs are affordability and comfort.

Koalaa said its arms are lightweight, comfortable and cost a fraction of the average price of prosthetics.

“Koalaa is the only company in the world making soft prosthetic arms and we believe we have hit on a model of working that could aid inclusivity across the globe,” said Macabuag.

“Through our work with clinicians and NGOs [non-governmental organisations], and also direct-to-consumer capabilities, we plan to continue to increase access to our prosthetics on a global scale.”

The prosthetic arms can be fitted with interchangeable tools to deal with various everyday tasks.

Now backed by new funding, Koalaa is looking to expand its overseas operation and work with international NGOs supplying prosthetics to conflict zones.

Macabuag said the company also aims to make its products available through the NHS.

The funding came from the British Design Fund, with additional support from the Imperial College Enterprise Fund II, which backs startups connected to Imperial College London.

Damon Bonser, CEO of the British Design Fund, said Koalaa’s prosthetics “solve many of the challenges presented by traditional prosthetics and the growth of their global user base has been incredible to watch”.

Koalaa previously raised £125,000 from the British Design Fund back in 2021.

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