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Army Horses Run Loose On Busy Roads In Central London —WATCH



New Delhi: Army horses running loose caused a stir in central London during rush hour on Wednesday as they galloped through busy streets, police and media reports said. Photos and videos shared on social media and by British news outlets captured the unusual sight of the horses navigating traffic, dodging buses and taxis.

One of the horses appeared to have blood on its chest and forelegs.

A report in The Daily Telegraph said up to five army horses had thrown their riders off during exercise, resulting in at least one soldier sustaining injuries. 

“The animals bolted and threw their riders, made up of the Lifeguards and Blues & Royals, while they were leaving Hyde Park Barracks on their daily morning exercise,” the report says.

According to an Associated Press report, a taxi driver waiting near Buckingham Palace had his car window smashed by a spooked horse, while a parked double-decker tour bus suffered damage to its windscreen.

City of London police confirmed the recapture of the horses and stated that officers were awaiting a horse box from the British Army to collect the animals and transport them to a veterinarian for assessment and care.

Several prestigious army regiments maintain stables in the heart of the British capital, making horses a common sight around iconic landmarks such as Whitehall, Buckingham Palace, The Mall, and Hyde Park. The City of London Police, responsible for policing the Square Mile financial district, received reports around 8:40 am (0740 GMT) regarding the horses, reported AFP.

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“Our officers have contained two horses on the Highway near Limehouse,” a police statement read.



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