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The biggest UK tech stories of 2023



It’s been a wild ride for the UK tech sector in 2023 in a year defined by downrounds, layoffs, collapses, regulatory battles and – of course – AI.

Amid challenging economic headwinds, 2023 has also been a year of rebirth. HSBC Innovation Banking rose from the ashes of Silicon Valley Bank UK. Tech Nation has a new lease of life under the stewardship of Founders Forum.

Both examples demonstrate the UK tech sector’s ability to survive and adapt in the face of adversity.

And while there was just the one prime minister in 2023, there have been plenty of policy announcements that made waves across the tech industry.

UKTN has taken a look back at the biggest stories from 2023 each month, selecting them by their impact on the UK tech ecosystem and for reflecting the broader trends of the year….

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