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Xiang Yun’s family reunite in London for winter solstice



Xiang Yun has reunited with her son Chen Xi for the holidays, three months after he left Singapore for further studies in London.

The 62-year-old veteran actress took to Instagram on Friday (Dec 22) to share a photo of her family reunion.

“This is something I’ve been dreaming about for some time,” she wrote, adding the hashtag “Happy Winter Solstice”. In Chinese tradition, it is a time for families to gather.

Xiang Yun could be seen smiling in the photo as she posed with her husband Edmund Chen and their children Chen Xi and Chen Yixin.

Chen Xi, 32, also posted photos he took with his family on his Instagram Story, captioning: “Reunion, I miss you!”

Xiang Yun told Lianhe Zaobao that she will be celebrating Christmas and ringing in the new year while abroad.


The family will spend a week in London before travelling to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Chen Xi, however, has been juggling his studies while spending time with them.

“He has to submit his thesis soon, so we can’t disturb him for too long,” Xiang Yun explained.

“These few days, I see him rushing his schoolwork in the morning. He then joins us for lunch before taking us around for sightseeing.”

The doting mum also said she worries that the family’s trip to London would make her son even more tired.

Xiang Yun added that she’s elated to see her son: “While I hope that my child can always be by my side so I can take care of him.

“But during this trip, I’m glad to see that he can take good care of himself.”

Chen Xi left for London on Sept 5 to pursue his master’s degree in arts and cultural management at King’s College London.


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